Dois Coracoes - Fernanda Cunha


The wonderfully wacky worldwide web is really amazing. It allows you to make the most remarkable connections with people from around the world by virtue of simply hanging your shingle in the windows for Microsoft. Fernanda Cunha is a brilliant singer from Rio de Janeiro who found us at and sent along a couple of her albums. Dois Coracoes (Two Hearts) is a gorgeous realization of Brazilian elegance.Fernanda has a classic samba and bossa delivery that's soft but with trained strength and foundation. Hers is a substantial and versatile voice reminiscent of the late, great Elis Regina and Joyce (two singers who first caught my ear during my introduction to Brazilian rhythms). Fernanda finds herself in distinguished company on Dois Coracoes, performing with composers Johnny Alf and Sueli Costa.The string and piano-based jazz arrangements are irresistible and worthy of repeated late night listens. I don't know if you'll find this disc in North America but I'm sure Fernanda wouldn't mind an unexpected connection from abroad asking for more information. Visit