Diario de Viaje - Gabriel Palatchi Band

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Diario de Viaje (Travel Diary), the album, makes one curious to read the actual moleskine, if it was ever written. It would be interesting to find out how the Argentinean pianist/composer traveled on his journey through South America, Mexico and Cuba. I doubt it was of the all-inclusive variety, squirreled away in gated luxury. There’s far too much cultural influence that’s rubbed off in his music. I also doubt he did Latin America on 5 dollars a day. There’s too much sophistication at play. How ever Palatchi traveled, I suspect he took the time necessary to truly get a feel for the musical forces at play in southern lands and now, he’s sharing that diversity on stages in North America and on disc. But, is a North American audience weaned on the sameness of top 40 ready for a recording of such dynamic variety? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean they won’t like it. The colours and textures on Diario de Viaje shift radically from track to track. Neither does the piano man restrict himself to the traditional 88 keys of the flip top grand. Palatchi is equally adept at the montuno of Cuban jazz piano, the analog synth soloing of disco’s heyday and funking up the mighty Hammond B3. As a matter of fact, Diario de Viaje flows in that general direction. The dark chords of the opener, El Paisa play in stark contrast to the sunny Cuban rhythms that follow. It’s the first indication that you’re about to have your preconceptions of Latin music turned on end. Through rumba guitar to twisted cumbia to gentle jazz of Por vos to the big brass breaks of Inspiracion Tulumena … on the journey goes, until the album closes with the turntable scratches of Electroshock and a grab bag of rock, funk and salsa called Raices. This travel diary includes snapshots of the players who came along for the adventure; I count 21 in all. I love debut albums precisely for all the reasons stated above. They give the listener true insight into the breadth and scope of the artist and his vision. In the case of Gabriel Palatchi and his Diario de Viaje, it’s a trip well worth taking. Start at the homepage: http://www.gabrielpalatchi.com/