Welcome To Haiti Creole 101 - Wyclef Jean


I am constantly amazed by the resilience of the Haitian people. Haiti has been plagued by political violence for much of its history and recently Hurricane Jeanne visited a new wave of death and destruction on the beleaguered island nation. It all should make Haiti's celebration of 200 years of independence from slavery (the first Black Republic to do so) bitter sweet at best. But there's no more joyous and pride-filled music on the planet than the Creole beats of Konpa, Zouk and Rara, the sounds that buoy the hearts of the Haitian people. Haitian son and Fugee founder, Wyclef Jean came home with a celebration in hand and on disc, "Welcome To Haiti Creole 101". It's an important release, bringing the weight of a globally recognized performer to bear on a woefully overlooked Caribbean tradition. And Creole 101 is just what it suggests, an introductory course and the first of many to come hopefully. Wyclef has commited to starting a label called Sak Pase (Creole for "What's Up") which will expose Haiti's message of jubilation to all who want to share its indominatable spirit.