The Stone Turntable - Transglobal Underground

Cadiz Music

The 9th album from the godfathers of worldbeat, The Stone Turntable, is Worldbeat for Wannabees. Somehow, the idea of rockin’ global sounds got lost, and it takes a group who were there at its beginning to bring it all back into focus. Even the title, The Stone Turntable, offers a sharp allusion of worldbeat’s modus operandi; combining the ancient and old world with the futuristic and new world. Though fluid in personnel, Transglobal Underground is primordially grounded in this fusion. Musical collaborators since their schooldays, Tim Whelan and Hamilton Lee continue at the root of TGU as they have done so since 1990. The overlapping talent has been a diverse and wonderful as the collection of tunes on this disc. Standouts include Deolali Junglee, the dub-conscious, We Come To Tear Your Wall Down and the sitar rocker, The Further People. Towards the end of 2009 Transglobal Underground took a break from their live schedule to work on a new project which was released in May 2010 as an album entitled 'A Gathering of Strangers' under the name U.N.I.T.E. (an acronym of Urban Native Integrated Traditions of Europe). Drawing traditional sources from all across Europe, the album contains performances by artists from the UK, Poland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Hungary, France and Denmark. Amongst the featured vocalists are Yanka Rupkina, Stuart A Staples of Tindersticks, Jim Moray, and Martin Furey of the High Kings. Back to business as Transglobal, their latest effort only cements their status as global music pioneers. The Stone Turntable spins a heavy lesson for anyone interested in fortifying the global groove.