Ruido do Silencio - Dazkarieh


Ruido do Silencio or Noise of Silence is the 5th studio album from Portuguese combo, Darkarieh. Without question, discovery is the payoff. Whether you catch a band rising up from the muck, on that upward arcing curve that promises greater things, or at the triumphant point of maturation and arrival, what matters most is that they have had a chance to catch your ear along the way. I may be coming late to the Dazkarieh game but they play like validation of what I knew must be true; there's more to the music of Portugal than Fado. Contrary to the Sound of Silence melancholy the album title might suggest, Ruido do Silencio bounces and quivers with pent up energy and boisterous aggression. The instrumental nods to Portuguese tradition like Gaitas Portuguesas (Portuguese bagpipes) Bouzouki, Adufe (square drum) and even the Scandi Nychkelharpa nudge this release up against those of Celtic contemporaries, but there's also a rock 'n roll itch that gets scratched raw by blistering licks on acoustic axes with wicked meter. Their approach might be likened to bands like The Ukrainians who bridge the gap between punk posture and cultural representation. Lyrically, the songs wear the calluses of folk music: the rural life, the harvest, love and the elements. Penned and sung with honest intensity by Joana Negrao who powers the melodies through a dense soundscape. I love this honesty. It flies in the face of Fado and opera and many other classically voice-trained idioms where the emoting wells up from technique more often than the soul. Plus, there's not a downer on this disc which means the only noisy silence you'll need to endure from Ruido do Silencio is the 2 or 3 seconds between tracks.