Remixtasy - Eccodek


One can be forgiven for having reservations about remixes. In order to fully appreciate the liberties taken by said DJ/producer/remixer, you have to at least be somewhat familiar with the original track in its intended context. Once you’re on a first name basis with the music, you have to consider whether you’re really so smitten by it that you just have to hear it again and again, in as many interpretations as you can. How many albums float your boat to that high water mark? Of course, I’m neglecting the trance/dance quotient of global music fans that listen more physically than cerebrally; you know, groove for groove’s sake. But, in terms of delivering the total package, perhaps, no artist’s work is better suited to the remix than that of the DJ/producer/remixer, whose compositions begin and end in the controlled environment of the digital world as constructs. Remixtasy lets Eccodek’s Andrew MacPherson and a notable collection of other respected mixmasters, have go at some of the global gems he’s brought to our ears through three acclaimed albums; More Africa in Us, Voices have Eyes and Shivaboom. In contrast to other remix CDs, Remixtasy works completely, as an introduction to the artist for the uninitiated, a further adventure for the faithful and, a greatest hits compilation, showcasing McPherson’s finest moments in globaltronica. San Fran globalista, Jef Stott opens the package with his cyclical reworking of one of my favorite Eccodek pieces, Behind The Mask. Red, White and Mali, another beautiful atmosphere from Shivaboom, is deconstructed by BC’s Adham Shaikh. Eccodek naturally can’t pass up the opportunity to reimagine one of his own; Calling the Rain featuring Chris Bottomley, a man aptly named for the bass nether regions, adding his low down reinforcement. The godfathers of worldbeat, Transglobal Underground even lend their genius to Remixtasy. The crowning glory must go to McPherson’s fellow TO electrojazzers, Four80East, who break open the disc to even higher possibilities with In this drum a secret. If the details are in the mix, Remixtasy stands up and stands out in sharp relief.