Voodoo Hairdoo - Five Alarm Funk


Vancouver's Afrobeating hybrid, Five Alarm Funk came up with a great album cover for their sophomore release, Voodoo Hairdoo. The image is a rough-hewn, burlap voodoo doll with a 'fro full of push pins wearing a robin's egg blue 'Disco Stu' leisure suit. The elements that make this 11 piece so entertaining are all embraced in the doll's outstretched arms: the dark and mysterious pulse of Yoruban Afro-Cuban and Nigerian Afro-beat rhythms along with a fun-loving throwback to the days of disco glitz and dance floor abandon. Fronted by drummer, Tayo Branston, (How does a drummer front a band you ask? By pushing the kit to the front of the stage!) the band gets some additional, soulful vocal props this time around from guests Tim Fuller and Dawn Pemberton. Apart from New York's incredible Antibalas, there's an earnest kind of bullshit that accompanies North American attempts at transposing the political poignancy of true Afrobeat into some kind of hippie, environmental vehicle (check out Afrodesia or Albino to get my drift). Five Alarm Funk put on no such airs. Voodoo Hairdoo will fill your head with nothing more that big, phat, fun-loving funk.

Key Tracks – Keeps Me Up At Night, Cuban Ballers