Ikebe Shakedown - Ikebe Shakedown


Throw on some shades and hit the streets. Check out all the tell-tale white cords dangling from people’s ears. Now, watch how they walk and try to guess what they’re listening to. Some shuffle along nearly oblivious to the world around them, no doubt lost in thought on the topic of their favorite podcasting blogger. Other selections you can audibly hear as the plugged-in passes by. You have to figure some are still intent on flattening the inner ear’s cilia well before they’re riding a Rascal. Look for the strut, the purposeful walk … rhythmic and grounded. That’s a pedestrian with a personal soundtrack. If art imitates life, why shouldn’t everyday life come with a soundtrack? Ikebe (pronounced ee-Kay-bay) Shakedown is a Brooklyn-based cinematic soul outfit and the name of their debut on Ubiquity. Their instrumental music is made for the street, in a place where you should know how to walk the walk. Like Budos Band, Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra, OrGone and even full-on Afrobeaters like Antibalas, Ikebe Shakedown mines a deep pocket, propelled by firecracker horn shots and rubbery bass grooves. The soundtrack illusion and allusion is apparent from the opening riff of Tujunga. With slap-reverbed brass, skanky Afrobeat guitar and retro production, it’s more Shaft than Richard Roundtree. The vintage vibe belays the freshness of this 7 piece funkshun. Hooking up through Bard College, a liberal arts institution on the Hudson, Ikebe Shakedown gelled into a today’s powerhouse by 2008. Bassist, Vince Chiarito says coming out of the blocks with a self-titled disc is the band’s way of introducing themselves without hanging their hat on any one influence. “It just sounds like us,” he explains. And, that sound may be just what you’re shuffling for; seeking out the perfect beat to match your stride.