Una y Otra Vez - Sergent Garcia


Slow and steady wins the race, but unlike the fable of the rabbit and the tortoise, when you’re far enough ahead of the pack, there is precedence for taking a deserved break. Between 1997 and 2006, Bruno Garcia aka Sergent Garcia had a string of successful albums that helped define the new sound of global music. Sharing the ‘wandering minstral/globalista’ tendencies of his contemporaries like Manu Chao, Garcia hit on an irresistible blend of Caribbean drop beats and more propellant Latin, AfroCuban and North African rhythms he coined as ‘salsamuffin’ music. For 2011, Sergent Garcia is back in the saddle, feeling the creative energy sparked by experiencing Colombia’s dynamic electrotropical scene.” Colombia is incredible” he states, “There were very good bands playing every day in the streets, in the bars, every place.” Back in Valencia, Spain, Garcia and Cuban percussionist Ivan Darroman Montoya began to sketch out the arrangements for the new album. When it came to collaborations, the good Sergent sure knows how to pick’em. The blistering first single on the record, Mi Son Mi Friend is a duet with the hottest commodity in global music today, rapping firecracker Liliana Saumet from Colombia’s Bomba Estereo. Electrotropical pioneer Richard Blair (Sidestepper) contributes more energy and intensity to the project and, keeping things bold and brassy, it’s La-33 Colombia’s new generation salsa orchestra. Balkan brass even finds a home in the equatorial heat with Ojos Inocentes (Innocent Eyes). As if rationalizing his long time away from the game on the title track, Una y Otra Vez (Time and Time Again) Garcia sings, “We will be born again with even more strength time and time again”. Obviously the break has recharged and revitalized a guy who had plenty of time to kill before the rest of the music world caught up. And, to wrap with a little trivia, the original Sergent Garcia was the dumpy, goofball rival of Zorro in the television series popular with Garcia and his buddies when he was a kid. The other kids taunted Bruno with the nickname and the handle stuck. Today Bruno reflects, “I will be Sergent Garcia. I think he’s the real man of the people, not Zorro. Zorro is just an aristocratic landlord.” Una y Otra Vez is bound to leave its mark.