Cornershop & the Double 'O' Groove of - Cornershop

Rough Trade

Cornershop hooked us with the simplest of songs and the most head-scratching album titles. The seminal ‘Brimful Of Asha’ from ‘When I Was Reborn For The Seventh Time’ is their crowning achievement; over five minutes worth of three rudimentary guitar chords and Ghandiesque enlightenments like, “everybody needs a bosom for a pillow.” Following that 1997 release came Handcream for a Generation in 2002 and Judy Sucks a Lemon for Breakfast in 2009.Tjinder Singh once again opens the Cornershop for business in 2011 with more simple delights and cryptic titles. But, ‘Cornershop & the Double ‘O’ Groove of’ takes a decidedly different tact and brings a charming new voice to the fore in the person of Bubbley Kaur. Her name is Bubbley. You know she’s good. Singh says this is the album he’s wanted to make for 20 years. He not so much mashes up traditional Indian sounds with random elements of funk, retro cheese and Hinglish disco as he lights up the acetylene torch, welding them together; chunky and sparse. The mixes are so sparse that they’ve inspired house DJs to ‘fill in the blanks’ as it were, with their own creativity. And, like every Cornershop album, this one is bursting with good fun and playful ingenuity. Singh’s got a great story for every track in the liner notes. My favorites include The 911 Curry; “The A-Team meet up for an afternoon meal – a plan to come together, until Murdock has to flirt with the waitress.” Another standout is Supercomputed; “Kraftwerk meet Irene Cara in a dune buggie”. The first video out of the chute is Topknot, a remake of their 2004 hit that was so wildly popular in Britain, M.I.A asked to do a rap on it. Cornershop & the Double ‘O’Groove of’ … fill in the blank and file under your favorites.