Toy Box - Felonious Bosch


Sue me for waiting this long to confront my childhood demons; literally. While other little boys thumbed National Geographics to see native New Guinean boobies (OK, I confess, I did that too) but, mostly I was fascinated by the Hell envisioned by Hieronymus Bosch. There’s so much going on in this piece of art. At the centre; not a horn-headed, cloven-hoofed Satan but a bird-like king presiding, with a cauldron on his head, eating lost souls whole and shitting them out into a pit. Hmmm, sounds like hell to me. But, what kind of whacked–out medieval brain thinks up these things? Enter Felonious Bosch, a 6 piece from Minneapolis that obviously resonates with this dark but strangely humorous vision. Remember, they’re from Minnesota which references all that Scandinavian black folklore. Their latest album, Toy Box is like Tim Burton doing Toy Story. It’s a musical soundtrack to the hellish Bosch experience with a similarly sly sense of humour. The amazing artwork on this album is credited to d c ice and is definitely worth a look see. So is the music on this disc which features dark age instrumentation of bouzoukis, cittern and flutes plus funkified bass and and kickin’ drums. Addressing the weirdness is brave vocalist Katy Thomasberg who leads us by the hand through Alice’s wonderland of tongue in cheek horrors like the Geek Wedding, Tombstones and a twisted cover of Cream’s I Feel Free. If this recording doesn’t liberate you from the assembly line crap you’re exposed to on a daily basis, nothing will.