The Green - The Green


Reggae's beloved the world over as ‘the every man’s music’, but it has a special relationship with island life, specifically and naturally with Jamaica, its ancestral home. But, increasingly, island reggae is being associated with a different ocean and another tropical paradise. From Oahu, Hawaii and the top of iTunes reggae bestsellers, comes a combo called The Green and their debut release. The disc is slick and accessible; maybe too much for roots fans, but it’s not a case of The Green trying to foist a polished piece glass on an unsuspecting public. Years of Hawaiian tradition is at play in their presentation, from the sweet harmonizing of the Hawaiian cowboys to the bell –like clarity of slack key players’ guitar tones. The sounds of Hawaii have always evoked soul with a softened touch. Jamaica should take no offense at these brothers of different mothers. In everything; every lyric and every spiritual, environmental or political sentiment it’s as if they have consulted the Jamaican roots reggae songbook for inspiration. But, it’s the sound that defines them. There’s youthful angst without slackness and serious chops that would incline one to think they were veterans. The songs are couched in kaona (pronounced: cow-nah) an indigenous form of Hawaiian poetry that veils a double meaning. Consider the bookends of the opener, What Will Be Will Be and the curtain fall, Rootsie Roots and peak moments on this debut and keep your eye open or The Green in continental North America, as the band pays their dues on stage live everywhere to back up their enormous virtual success on iTunes.