Boomerang - Daara J

Wrasse Records

As a music genre, hip hop is a juvenile, more accurately, it's still in its infancy. But Senegalese rappers, Daara J offer a tantalizing glimpse of what a sophisticated and credible musical force hip hop may soon become.The trio of N'Django D, Aladji Man and Faada Freddy part company with ordinary North American urban fare right from the get-go. "In our music," they say, "the melody is always the starting point". And, Daara J's melodies spring from the rich traditions of Zulu music and Mandingo tradition. On Boomerang they add to their own formidable talents with the incredible voices of Rokia Traore and China.The trio writes in several different languages giving their raps a refreshing cadence that sounds more like poetry and less like a quarterback barking signals before a play (as is the case with the majority of North American urban artists). And before any wannabe bangers from the 'burbs diss Daara J for taking the tough talk out of hip hop, nothing could be farther from the truth!. This is music from the hard streets of Dakar.On Boomerang, they deal with real issues of greed and development, exploitation and abandonment. Back at cha like a boomerang, Daara J!