Guateque Estelar - Matorralman


This album is not only fun to listen to, it’s fun to reference. You can almost make a parlor game out of what the music on Guateque Estelar (Stellar Party) makes people think of. A sticker on the cellophane succinctly describes the sound as Duane Eddy meets Esquival (the king of experimental Mexican Lounge music). Still another scribe dubs it, “Mexican bachelor pad music”. I’d put it somewhere between the retro grooviness of Dimitri From Paris and the Latin cornball of Senor Coconut. Or, wrap your head around this. Imagine if Robert Rodriguez directed Austin Powers International Man of Mystery. OK, your turn! The truth is the films of the 60s and 70s proved inspirational to the Matorralman project, created by Miguel Rizo, a composer, selector, and producer from Mexico City. I got the the chance to watch a few episodes of the Man From U.N.C.L.E. series circa 1964 over the Christmas holidays. Composers of the day like Hugo Montenegro and Alexander Courage nailed the spy intrigue with brassy stabs and bongos and made the go go parties swing with surf guitar twang. Rizo himself calls it, “a party without end – complete with music to lose your manners to – and all with style.” The Matorralman live show plays out against clips from the 60s and 70s, adding further context to the coolness and bombast. Slip Guateque Estelar into the changer for your next social and see if it leads to something stellar. At very least, ask people to describe what they’re hearing.