Luisa Maita Remixed - Luisa Maita

Cumbancha Discovery

I have real issues with remix albums. When they are released subsequent to the original it puts the rejigged work in competition with the template tunes in the minds of hapless consumers. Many times I’ve found myself beside the CD sales table at a festival after a performance, trying to convince wary buyers that if they have to choose, yes, take the original album or you will never have the songs in context before you hear what wonders the DJs have done with them. It’s like listening to a jazz improvisation of a classic piece before knowing what the melody was in the first place. Some artists cleverly include a couple of remixes of their better album tracks at the end of a CD (a much better use of space than throwing out a bunch of filler crap). The best solution I think is what Sergio Mendes’ label suggested for his latest Bon Tempo, which is a 2 CD set; one featuring the new songs unadorned and the second, a collection of remixes of the first. Of course, I suspect that’s more affordable for an established star. Luisa Maita’s Lero-Lero on Cumbancha Records has sparked the imaginations of a new generation of globalistas. It’s her unsteady balance between traditional Brazilian samba stylings and urban settings that has charmed consumers and colleagues. A small group of highly reputable DJ/producers of global beats have chimed in with their praise of Lero-Lero by producing, in effect a remix EP of only the original tunes that lent themselves best to the remix process. Among the spin-doctoring knob-twiddlers is the UK collective, Da Lata, London’s Paul ‘Seiji’ Dolby, DJ Tudo and Brazilian, Tejo Damasceno who rolls out my favorite of the retoolings. Alento is a track which celebrates the ‘moto-boys’, crazed scooter couriers on the massive beltways of Sao Paulo who seemingly defy death with their weaving in and out of brutal traffic when it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight. Tejo’s engine revving pulse gives the already percussive song, more gas without dissecting the beautiful melody. That’s the very best a remixer can do. Get Lero-Lero first. Enjoy it thoroughly, and then check out the remix.