The Journey - Donna Kay

Donna Kay Music

Hollywood’s images of teepee villages and painted warriors on horseback have skewed the world’s perception of North America’s indigenous people. In fact, the movies don’t come close to capturing the beauty and harmony of life for the First Nations of the Great Plains. Donna Kay spent most of her life by the shores of Ministikwan Lake in northwestern Saskatchewan. The rhythm of the native ‘ghost dance’ drumming of the region has influenced her compositions, which fuse together a wide range of contemporary styles like rock, R&B and country. Her latest album, ‘The Journey’ delivers an award-nominated video that presents a compassionate, beautiful and real life glimpse into the Aboriginal culture of Canada’s heartland. The artist describes her new album, The Journey as “more than a discovery.” “It’s an assembly … a gathering of spirit.”

Key Tracks: Round, Round, Round