Any Port In A Storm - The Dirty Heads


If you can’t do the time, don’t do the special edition. Whether it’s a movie DVD or an album re-release, with all its bonus features and tracks, the Special Ed is a commitment if nothing else. Any Port In A Storm is the debut from Huntington Beach surf punks, The Dirty Heads. Self-professed neophytes, the dudes are none-the-less quick studies and their music is filled with bouncy reggae riddims, teen spirit flows and plenty of hooks; enough to create a substantial buzz since it hit the streets in 2008. They also enlisted some heavy-hitters, like B3 legend Billy Preston, drummer Josh Freese from Nine Inch Nails and Korn, Slash and Jamaican toaster Tippa Ire. Enter the Special Edition. It’s just a little over the 76 minutes a CD can normally hold and, count ‘em, 22 tracks, on a debut, from a band that just learned their instruments! Plus, a video download! It’s a super-size meal that’s hard to digest in one sitting. Still, the Alberto-needy heads have managed to fill a very rare void in the glut of music consumers can choose from these days as epitomized by one of the standout tracks, Lay Me Down which features Rome from one of the most-missed recording groups in recent memory, Sublime. The Dirty Heads embody a good shot of Sublime’s ethic. The poor, scruffy mops cry us a river in Taint, “Then why the fuck is there so many angry people like the fans and the industry? So now I’m stuck between an asshole and a dick just like a taint.” Sheer poetry ain’t it? It’s rude, it’s adolescent but it’s catchy as hell. This is one you can leave in the car’s CD changer. With 22 songs, it’ll last you ‘till 2011.