SuperMagique - Pacifika

Six Degrees

There is magic and enchantment in the music Pacifka create. Each of the Vancouver trio’s members is a wizard of texture. Silvana Kane’s siren call beckons in breathy whispers of melody or flowing, filtered verses of spoken word in Spanish, French and English. Her seductive coos massage your ears as they melt the cones from your speakers. Adam Popowitz blends and layers atmospheres of acoustic and electric guitars in gentle Latin rhythms, soaring cries of solo voicings and dark distortions. Toby Peter is the propellant that gives rhythm to the sonic waves. His bass work bubbles and roils, occasionally near the surface, often deep in the trench of a warm tropical groove. SuperMagique, Pacifika’s second international release on Six Degrees also showcases the percussion talents of two of Vancouver’s finest; Eliot Polsky and Joseph ‘Pepe’ Danza. The new album is as unpredictable as open sea. The breezy and accessible openers, Close To Everything and Chocolate set a tempo for the listener’s passage. The title, and my personal favorite, SuperMagique signals a psychedelic squall of fuzzed guitars and percolating bass hooks. Then, we are cast inexplicable adrift as the energy dissipates for a few numbers before the sails billow once again with the polyrhythmic first video single, Doce Meses. Another sweet surprise is their soft treatment of Chicago’s blistering Robert Lamm-written classic, 25 Or 6 To 4.