The Crocodile Society Of Aphasia - Aphasia

White Wabbit Records

Shoe gazers aren’t necessarily anti-social. You have to keep an eye on all your stomp boxes when you’re creating those giant washes of guitar. During the 90s, they were like a breath of thick air, generating dense atmospheres of foggy noise, interlaced with pop and grunge. Stalwarts included My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr. and Ride, renowned for their under-enthusiasm for stage presence and their laconic lyricism. Halfway around the world, ears still ringing from the impetus of that scene we find Aphasia, a quartet from Taiwan founded by a noted indie producer and a retailer of alternative music. Recently asked to score the soundtrack for the Wun-Tang Jheng directed film, Summer’s Tail, Aphasia wet their feet in the sonic pool. This year, they make their first ever cross- Canada tour in support of their debut full-length, The Crocodile Society Of Aphasia, an album of instrumental, melodic shoe gazing for the 2000 and something’s. Besides apropos inclusion of the word ‘Asia’ in its spelling, Aphasia is a particularly clever moniker. In medical science it’s an acquired language disorder that impairs the comprehension of speech. By eschewing vocals and drawing on music’s universal capacity for translation, the band avoids the first and obvious roadblock to international acceptance; although Mandarin virtually sings in its delivery and, it’s not like anyone could understand the lyrics of the original shoe gazers anyway. Still, the instrumental parameters dictate a strong melodic theme to the compositions; something only artists working in the fringes of rock have experimented with since the instro-surf guitar of The Ventures. Unburdened by fussing with wordsmithery Aphasia’s glorious waves of overtones, drones and moans surge and simmer in unveiled detail, like solar flares or globules in a lava lamp in languid, delicate melodic progressions Let the singer/songwriters prattle on, The Crocodile Society Of Aphasia offer distortion fans something beautiful they can really talk about