Watching You Think - NEeMA


Watching You Think by NEeMA is a singer/songwriter album, not necessarily global music in the sense of audible cultural touchstones. But, as a citizen of the world, born of Egyptian and Lebanese ancestry, NEeMA can’t help but see life in an international perspective. And, as if chosen to this role, she’s been confirmed by the touch of today’s greatest symbols of global consciousness. She’s had audiences with the Dali Lama and Mother Teresa. She’s ventured into Canada’s high north to tap the wisdom of tribal elders. And, in Montreal, she found the perfect muse for her poetic voice and her musical gifts. In her words, “Leonard Cohen and I literally just bumped into each other. I knew who he was but it was a case of, I’m Neema. Hi, Neema I’m Leonard.” “Yes, I know”. Their friendship developed from there. He more than co-produces, actually sort of presenting this record along with Pierre Marchand. Cohen’s mark is clearly indelible on this album. The title, ‘Watching You Think’ is the unnerving name of the portrait on the cover of the disc which he painted. Think a little less and allow NEeMA’s Cohen-coiffured melodies to slip through your consciousness and you will find some lasting impressions; among them the opener, Unspoken and a late looker called Jealousy. I still think, “I love your body and your spirit and your clothes”, to be one of the worst poetic blunders of all time but, Leonard knows talent and NEeMA shows all the markings.