Puutarhatrilogia - Regina

Friendly Fire Recordings

This Finnish pop trio accomplishes the nearly impossible with minimalist, electronic arrangements. Instead of bleeping and burping like an old Space Invaders video game, their latest release, Puutahatrilogia sounds almost organic! It’s a clever combination of pop melodies and neo-classical arrangements that gives the illusion. As a matter of fact, on the disc’s prettiest composition, Terveiset Paivantasaajalta, ‘Greetings From The Equator’, one almost hears the echoes of Procol Harem’s ‘Whiter Shade Of Pale’, a chestnut that was renowned for it’s baroque and classical feel. As a matter of fact, I remember my dad, and other pipe organ enthusiasts jamming around with that number, feeling considerably cool in the process. That kind of symphonic connection keeps Regina’s from sounding like the Popcorn by Hot Butter-type of retro –electronica that’s all the rage. Though certainly, with their analog synth voicings and simplistic patterns, the band could have taken that direction with this CD. Like the analogous album art on the cover of Puutarhatrilogia or “Garden Trilogy”, Regina floats through rural Finnish roots in futuristic spheres, reconstructing electro pop through cultural design.