Trans-Continental Hustle - Gogol Bordello


Buckle up, buttercup! The Trans-Continental Hustle is a high-speed, high-octane ride powered by punk ferocity and gypsy frenzy. Capitalizing on the head of steam they built with Super Taranta! Gogol Bordello laser-etch this follow-up disc to preserve momentum, assure a curious media and placate rabid fans who’ve already been whipped into sweaty submission. Not to alienate their hardened core, but there is no question Trans-Continental Hustle is intended to put Gogol Bordello on the track to global domination and mass acceptance and, they found the perfect man for the job; Rick Rubin, producer to the stars (the guy who helped make Johnny Cash cooler as a senior citizen than ever before), pulls in the reins on this runaway caravan. Replacing the unfettered, wild anarchy of Super Taranta! are concisely conceived and packaged moments of mayhem. The songwriting is better and the the hooks hookier. The sound is raw but crisp and engaging. Eugene Hutz still spits out the vitriol in broken English like Borat on a bender but strikes far more hits than misses. The disc opens on the natural replacement for Gogol’s breakthrough hit, Wanderlust King, a similarly catchy and goofy Pala Tute in which Hutz sings, “Caravan is leaving, and her breast is heaving. Lord this kind of love can not be untrue. I’m a little chavo, but I learned one thing, girls they the kissing as much as we do.” The ethnic bent might be too much for some but Trans-Continental Hustle has one thing over 99.9 percent of popular recordings today … interest; never a dull moment with Gogol Bordello.