A Foolproof Escape Plan - Yoav


This is pop music filtered through a global lens. While the second album from the Israel-born, South African-raised guitarist/ singer does not fit neatly into the world music bin, it does speak with the universal voice of the acoustic guitar. It projects sweeping landscapes on the inner eye, and unhinges with dark and unfamiliar tonations. It’s kind of like throat singing. We all know what the human voice is supposed to sound like and it’s somewhat off-putting at first to hear the instrument used in a different manner, creating odd and alien sounds. Yoav’s unique technique coaxes club and tribal beats out of the body of the acoustic; looping and overlaying taps and simple picked string patterns, building complex arrangements from his one man orchestra. Tense and mysterious verses release into chiming, defining choruses. Nearly everything about A Foolproof Escape Plan evokes intrigue, like the title itself or the cryptic words “Ride With Me” floating inside the fold, in the sky, against a desolate plain. Then there are the song titles themselves including Moon Bike, an early favorite called Yellowbrite Smile (not a look everyone can pull off). Little Black Box (what’s more intriguing than that?). Or, Anonymous which pretty much defines the word. Aside from added singing and extensive programming contributions, it’s all Yoav and a pedal board full of stomp boxes, volume pedals and samplers. He also adds his own touches of piano, keyboards and something called a Yoavatron. Musicians do love their toys.