Between Worlds - Dharmakasa


Between Worlds is where you’ll find Dharmakasa, a band of uncommon invention. Between Worlds is also the name of their debut album which they describe as, “a meeting between the ancient realm of the mystics and the modern realm of the mad scientist.” They formed in 2001 after the core players met at a yoga class. As you might guess, their music is meditative but it’s even more inventive. The Vancouver quartet of Andrew Kim (sitar, guitar disciple and instrument inventor), Alcvin Ramos, Japanese shakuhachi and didgeridoo virtuoso, Cameron Hood on electric bass and Steven 'Sambunata' Daniluk on kit thrives on gathering unrelated sounds together or, making new ones by creating their own ingenious instruments. World Music defines itself from other genres by erasing borders and absorbing influences from every corner of the planet. But, what if the earth itself imposes limitations on your imagination? Then you enter Dharmakasa's unique realm. The album beautifully pins acoustic against electronic and invented sounds in textured moods, without being too dreamy. This is Pink Floyd for the global granola set.

Key Tracks: Ganges Blues (feat. Wes Mackey), Celtic Raga, The Storm