Putumayo Presents Espana - Various Artists


As long as the world makes music, we hope Putumayo will be there to compile the most accessible of those sounds into imaginative collections. Collection is the operative word here. Utilizing crafty and consistent album art, detailed and fun to read booklets and colourful point of purchase, countertop displays where globalistas tend to shop; Putumayo has fashioned global music into a collectable commodity. And, since global music has a long shelf life, older compilations can be reissued in light of current events (Putumayo Presents French Caribbean from 2003 has been made available again with proceeds going to Haitian relief). A new favorite, Putumayo Presents España serves up a tasty assortment of tapas from one of today’s global music hotbeds. As the notes summarize so well, “From Madrid to Barcelona, Spain’s contemporary musicians blend flamenco, rumba catalana and pop into a vibrant musical tapestry.” Standouts include the opener, Para Poder Olvidaria by Peret. Known as “the Elvis of rumba catalana”, this veteran pits electric against acoustic in a meeting of old world rumba and new world rock ‘n roll. It’s no surprise he’s been a huge influence on the likes of Manu Chao and Ojos de Brujo. Corren is another ear-tickler, a dubby, super-melodic track from Gossos, one of Catalonia’s favorite rock bands, featuring Barcelona pop star, Dani Macaco. Free spirits will always choose to leave the beaten path and discover fresh global music on their own. For the rest of the world, Putumayo continues to offer great guided tours.