Alignment - Stone Row


We all feel better when all our ducks are in a row. There’s something very primal about alignment, exemplified by the megalithic standing stones found in the green fields of Ireland. There’s something that resonates in us when it comes to rustic Celtic verse as well. Tales of the Rocky Road To Dublin, Raggle Taggle Gypsy and She Moved Through the Fair touch us on the mystical level. Stone Row are a contemporary Celtic five-piece from Buffalo, New York who approach the old world spirit of these songs with new world savvy, adding progressive and global elements to their interpretations of the classics and drawing from the ancient mystique to create new standards of their own composition. Their debut album, Alignment, synchs up all the right elements; soaring vocals, rhythmic percussion and expressive licks of fiddle, accordion and guitars. The mystery is preserved while Stone Row makes it accessible to all.