Haoloto - Te Vaka

Warm Earth Records

Indigenous people of the earth share a special relationship with the land. In Pacifica, that bond extends to the sea that surrounds their paradise incarnate. It is with an abiding respect for the fragility of their islands and awesome power of the ocean that they approach life and love and music. Te Vaka’s sixth album, Haoloto is dedicated to the lost souls in the earthquakes and resulting tsunami that washed over Indonesia and the South Pacific islands of Tonga and Western Samoa in 2009, and to the relief workers who struggled to bring order out of the chaos. As in previous releases, songwriter Opetaia Foa’i eloquently explains the emotions he was feeling, which ultimately inspired this latest collection of sweet island pop and log-drum propelled chants. A singular voice makes its way to the fore in the mix courtesy of Neil Forrest. His wisps of flute flow through the album like a tropical breeze. And, the key flavours of Te Vaka’s sound continue to coalesce with time; the chants becoming more hummable and the songs impossibly more rhythmic. Haoloto means Free and sets the tone of joyous release that ironically has captivated their fans who will fall in love all over again with fresh tracks like Tauasa, Te Mavoega and Tui Moana. New ears could hope for no better a time to experience Te Vaka’s South Pacific fusion.