Lefty Singer - Andrew McPherson


Ball clubs know, when you want to serve up something challenging, throw in a south paw. Andrew McPherson has a reputation as one of global music's most innovative sound designers, merging ancient vibrations and post-modern frequencies into sonic montages that float between time and space. He's a righteous producer, but, by his own definition, a lefty singer. Lefty Singer is a personal and heartfelt project that reveals another side of McPherson. It's a self-portrait sketched in with acoustic guitar and a new voice to the ears of eccodek fans; his own. The Lefty Singer throws us a curve with his bell tone, baritone, an instrument that McPherson has shaped and tuned through years of voice-over work (his successful but publically lesser known sideline). This isn't a Waits or Dylan -style character voice, rather another pristine and refined instrument that naturally fits into the fastidious producer's collection of polished sounds (think later era David Bowie as a reference). Neither is the material on Lefty Singer to be filed in the overflowing folder called "Singer/songwriter with guitar". While the acoustic provides accompaniment, the places where singer and six string end up are grand and otherworldly, as only a sound designer would have it. Comet tails, falling stars, solar flares and galactic interference wash through the organic melodies adding depth and delight to the listening experience, especially on headphones. Left, right or otherwise, McPherson always manages to drop it into the pocket.