All In One - Bebel Gilberto


It was a little odd receiving my copy of All In One on a crisp fall day, a little like getting a Christmas card in June. This is such a springtime record. Not only is Bebel in repose on the cover amidst sand, beach grass and pink ruffles suppressing a giggle, as the press would have it, she’s not just infatuated, she’s head over heels. All In One reflects the singer blushing in the new bloom of springtime love and plays like a blown kiss. On past albums, the material seemed selected with scrutiny as to how it might stand up in the bigger bossa songbook. But here, the heiress to bossa’s legacy cheerfully cherry picks from the 1940’s Warner/Gordon Latin show stopper, Chica Chica Boom Chica, Steve Wonder’s The Real Thing and even Marley’s smoky soulful Sun Is Shining. The remaining songs return to more familiar Gilberto electro Brazilian territory. Taste maker Didi Gutman from Brazilian Girls helps throughout. I remember listening intently to Bebel’s debut, Tanto Tempo to catch the subtle waves of electronic accents and atmospheres. All such inhibition seem now lost in her new found glow. The electronics and the organics are free to come and go as they please, playing front and centre and far a field. Especially ear tickling is Carlinhos Brown’s contributions of exotic percussions and effects. No question, All In One is a complete package.