Dno't Say It Mihgt Maen Somehitng - Capade


Chatspeak is insidiously removing vowels from our vocabulary. It’s an interesting exercise. Write a sentence and then erase all those pesky time-consuming letters between the consonants. Chncs r y cn stll mk t th mssg, rght? Vancouver quintet, Capade obviously believes it can get the message across, even if just by mixing things up a bit, without deletion or abbreviation like chatspeak. Their debut album, Dno’t Say It Mihgt Maen Somehitng delights in toying with your visual perceptions and musical preconceptions. From the Escher –style cover art to the deliberately jumbled lyrics in the booklet, the band dares you to look and listen a little closer. Capade songwriter/singer, Nikola Tucakov shares his brother’s (Ivan Tucakov from Vancouver’s Tambura Rasa) passion for exploring new combinations and permutations for his musical influences. Reggae and ska figure prominently into the Capade sound but the band also likes to intersperse fits of guitar wankage and near-progressive detours, escalating Nikola's urgent vocals into wails and howls. The band recently completed a video for the disc’s title track, again, beguiling the viewer with Nikola posturing with his electric axe, surrounded by the Karen Flamenco Dancers; a cultural mash-up if there ever was one. Dno’t Say It Mihgt Maen Somehitng will entertain the casual listener but offers much more for those willing dig a little deeper into its grooves.