Chor Bazaar - Trickbaby

Chachaman Records

The most dynamic intersection in the global village is where South Asian tradition crosses Western popular culture. On a map, the vortex would spiral outward from London where this traffic pattern has had substantial time to smooth out the ruts in the road. This consistent flow of creative energy between east and west has taken on a welcome characteristic. Where before only mash ups and fusions existed, now an enticing subtlety is taking shape, exemplified on Chor Bazaar, the second full-length release from Trickbaby. Chor Bazaar is a notorious marketplace in Mumbai where reportedly, stolen goods are bought and sold in quantity. The songwriting partnership of singer Saira Hussain and guitarist/programmer, Steve Anger pinch choice samples from the Bollywood sounds they're passionate about and weave them into contemporary compositions of trip hop, rock and pop; underpinned by tasty licks of tabla, dhol and groovy beats provided on Chor Bazaar by drummer Emre Ramazanoglu and percussionist Vikaash Sankadecha. It's a seamless presentation that encourages the listener to absorb each song as singular instead of a compilation of elements, ethnic or otherwise. Cameos by an eclectic cast of guests add even more colour to the album, most notably, Gogol Bordello's Eugene Hutz on the title and the lonely, southwest harmonica of Marcella Detroit on 'Baja'. Though self-described as an East/West soundclash, Trickbaby come closer than anybody to merging the traffic into a smooth and subtle flow, and that is a neat trick!