Light - Matisyahu


The story of Matthew Miller, hippie and rabid Phish follower, turned Hasidic Jew and roots rasta toaster is stranger than fiction. It may also be partially responsible for his subsequent rise to popularity as more than just the novelty one might expect. His earnest sincerity shines through Light, his third studio album, as well as each previous release, single, video and live performance. Today’s consumers of popular culture have fine tuned their bullshit meters as a defense mechanism against an inundation of the artificial, manufactured and cloned. Matisyahu may be an oddity but unquestionably, he’s the real deal. And, he continues to refine his sound, incorporating more elements of hip hop and rock into the reggae vibe, occasionally coming off like a righteous Sean Paul (without the gratuitous letching of course). Producer David Kahne, notable for his work with Sublime and Sugar Ray was a great choice to make Light a bright choice for radio. Key Tracks: One Day, Smash Lies