Carne Masada - Hip Hop Hoodios


It’s an historic symbol of Jewish survival, and it’s a tasty beef taco filling. It’s Carne Masada, quite possibly the very best of the Hip Hop Hoodios. They’re a band that could only grow out of the cracks in of New York’s mulitculti sidewalks. This new compilation puts the compact in compact disc, a career spanning collection of their recorded triumphs plus 5 new songs, all conveniently packaged within a single shell. And, the previously available tunes aren't just reheated leftovers. These choice beans have been refried or remixed if you will, including the title track from their last studio LP, Agua pa'la Gente, worked up into a new beat-laden delight courtesy of Barcelona's Pinker Tones. Even their irreverent mangling, Havana Nagila gets pumped for the dance floor with an Ahi Nama! mix. As always, the Hoodios stand behind, around and in front of their product. Hoodio go-to, Josh Norek insures your satisfaction with a promise,"We're calling it the 'Reverse Bernie Madoff Money-Back Guarantee'. When someone buys the album on iTunes (and they don't like it) they can email us the sales receipt, no questions asked." Among their new offerings is the dic opener, a deeply funkified, retro, hip hop groover called Times Square (1989). It's a controversial comment on the Disneyfication of old Times Square. As Norek recalls fondly, "Times Square was a haven for illicit activities in the late 80's. I'd be lying if I said I didn't get my fake IDs there." Another standout on the disc is Viva la Guantanamera celebrating the closure of Gitmo,and showcasing a string global urban notables from Vil-Dog of Ozomatli, Kemo the Blaxican of Delinquent Habits and Frank London and friends from The Klezmatics. It’s the perfect introduction to Hip Hop Hoodios' Jewish, Latin, Urban free-for-all.