20 Ways To Float Through Walls - Various Artists

Crammed Discs

The global music media are prone to go on a bit about music’s ability to break down language boundaries and blast away the borders that divide and isolate. We wouldn’t say it if it didn’t carry the ring of truth. Now Crammed Discs present a package that accomplishes this without the explosive adjectives. 20 Ways To Float Through Walls as the name suggests is a compilation of 20 different tracks by a variety of bands, artists and collaborations which exemplify the leading edge in contemporary global beats. One could imply from the provocative title that it's an album of atmospheric 'chill grooves' and certainly with offerings from Cibelle, Tartit and Sussan Deyhim & Bill Laswell the trancier side of global music is well represented. But, you could hardly say the same of Kocani Orkestar VS Senor Coconut, Think of One or the venerable Taraf de Haidouks. No, despite the philosophizing in the liner notes about what constitutes world music and why this album doesn't deserve that label, 20 Ways To Float Through Walls seems to illustrate the masterful ease with which these artists manage to accomplish the task. As with any music, the adequate appear to struggle while the truly gifted float through it.

Key Tracks: De Dar Do by DJ Dolores, Usti, Usti Baba by Koĉani Orkestar vs Señor Coconut