Donkey - CSS

Sao Paulo’s CSS became an overnight sensation, not because their recording debut Cansei De Ser Sexy was such a technical achievement, but because of their unbridled, artistic creativity. International touring and a couple of personnel changes have sharpened up their chops and, it’s obvious from their second album, Donkey that their creativity continues to gush to the surface. The new disc has more guitar hooks, more retro-cool electronics and more contagious melodies. CSS singer, Lovefoxxx (that’s with three x’s by the way), has finessed her chatty, bratty delivery into one of the most effective and attractive female rock voices of our time. Since their bass player left the band in April, drummer Adriano Cintra has taken over those duties. And, he might not be the only guy in the band for long. They’re currently working with session drummer, Jon Harper. Do yourself a favour: beg, burro or steal this album for your collection J

Key Tracks:  Rat Is Dead(Rage), Left Behind