Commercial - Los Amigos Invisibles


Los Amigos Invisibles have enough of a sense of the ironic and satire to recognize the self-fulfilling prophesy of their name. They are one of the best live bands you'll never see, unless you grew up in the Caracas club scene or spent the last few years hanging with the hipsters in New York. But, they tour incessantly and while they're far from being a household name, their sixth album, Commercial may itself be a prophesy of commercial success, vaulting our invisible friends into high visibility and much-deserved recognition. Grinning guitarist and songwriter, Jose Luis Pardo explains, "At first we were hesitant to use the word, Commercial, but eventually we decided to come straight and use it as a concept. We wanted to be more focused without taking out what we love about playing." What they play is 'gozadera', high test disco fortified with Latin rhythms and the funk down below. Even when disco was at it's height, one rarely got a chance to see it performed live (it was disco after all), which makes the Invisibles' live act so enjoyable. While previously on disc, they were maybe having too much fun to take it to the next level of polish and poise. Commercial takes it all the way with bigger hooks, tighter tracks and even a couple of English tunes for uptight programmers who can't bring themselves to air music made in another language. Not that you'll find anything earth-shattering in what they're singing anyway. It's all about having funky fun. It ain't Bob Dylan.