Sunny Side Up - Paolo Nutini


The whole hippie dippie, hemp wearing, bare footing, tree hugging singer/songwriting movement is unwittingly helping global music establish a new beachhead in popular culture. Triple A radio stations who are sliding in more tracks from artists like Xavier Rudd and Mishka are exposing mainstream listeners to elements of reggae, ska, Latin and aboriginal rhythms which is ultimately great news for world music artists. You can add Paolo Nutini’s name to that list. He’s a million selling singer/songwriter from Paisley, Scotland, born to a Scots mother and Italian father. It naturally follows that his music is a mish mash as well. “"Musically where I'm at, I don't really have a genre or style that I feel a part of," explains Paolo."I skip from Django Reinhart to Cab Calloway to Canned Heat. It's a bit of a random mish mash. I honestly wanted it all to come out, and not harness it, not manipulate it. I just wanted it to be organic, and so immediate it's in your face and you can't help but take it all in." His latest album, Sunny Side Up is as positive an offering as the title suggests. After pouring out built up angst on his previous outings, Nutini is indeed fostering a sunnier outlook on life. The cover art tells the story with Paola enjoying eggs and coffee against a red, yellow and green wall (Rasta reggae’s universal colours) with a rainbow framed in the window behind him. “. I want to keep it positive,” he says, “Cause for me music is more than just music. It's a power!" Guests like Rico Rodriguez from The Specials on trombone bring an island bounce to the disc’s opener, 10/10 which sets the positivity in motion. Also check out the first single, Candy and High Hopes.