Songs Around The World - Playing For Change

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There's no question that technology is bringing us closer together. But, what's most gratifying is when that technology is applied directly toward enriching the experience of human contact. Playing For Change - Songs Around The World is another of those laudable recording projects like 1 Giant Leap, which physically applies the tenets world musicians live by in a very tangible way; with an adventurous spirit, a laptop and an entire planet to play with.1 Giant Leap, as the name implies, made a giant, sweeping statement, circumnavigating the earth, collecting not only musical collaborations but insights from authors, scientists and noted thinkers. By contrast, Playing For Change tones down the notion a few notches, passing the mic from street buskers (Get it? Playing For Change) to international performers, each on his or her own turf. The ten songs on the CD are pretty much anthemic to the globalista movement, covering Ben E. King's Stand By Me, Bob Marley's One Love and Tracy Chapman's Talkin' Bout A Revolution, plus seven others. As the liner notes attest, "This album is a collective statement from over 100 musicians spanning five continents." It's a grand vision but in the end, it's also a street level mash up. There's nothing particularly earth-shattering about the arrangements or the material, but check out the accompanying DVD which puts the collaborations into graphic perspective. It's enough to give you a good case of the warm and fuzzies.