Tell No Lies - Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara

Real World

Remember the five notes earth used to make first contact with the aliens in Close Encounters? I’ve long fantasized that if and when that day comes, music may very well be the way we communicate, not math, not pictographs, but on a far more basic level through vibrations. Also, I believe musicians are more resourceful than most of us, at opening the lines of communication, because they’re fluent in this international language. British guitar ace and Robert Plant axe man of late, Justin Adams got a phone call out of the blue from Juldeh Camara, a Gambian skilled on the riti (a one string ‘spike fiddle). Camara had just arrived in the UK, excited to connect with Adams after hearing his music. But, as musicians tend to do, the conversation quickly changed from the spoken word to jamming, right there over the phone. The culmination of many wordless jams to follow is a new Real World release called Tell No Lies, a stripped down, raw and raunchy West meets Africa record that abandons the pleasantries some African music suffers when recorded for Western ears. Adams recalls, “I’ve never worked with a musician where we’ve talked so little and played so much!” The international language possesses no words or opportunities for lies. This is an honest album with the heart of Africa and the soul of rock ‘n roll.