Diaspora - The Ukrainians


For a British band that started mashing Ukrainian folk and post-punk in 1991, The Ukrainians have a long history of living the truism that music is migration. Their new album, Diaspora explores that notion in the light of today’s massive exodus of Eastern European youth to the new world. The songs offer sage advice to the seedlings to seek our fertile ground and stick together. Mostly the music is a reminder to be proud of ones roots. Routinely covering bands like The Smiths and The Pistols on previous outings, The Ukrainians are in a unique position as global music veterans and contemporary rebels to span generations and cultures with their influence. In fact, Diaspora’s first single isn’t Ukrainian at all, rather a Hungarian Dance skillfully translated from a Brahms classic into a folk rockin’ stomper. But, for all their diversity, the resonant, stalwart, male harmonies and balalaikas continue to ground The Ukrainians in the rich earth from whence they sprang, each tune sweetening the buzz like another vodka shot.