Amatoria - Federico Aubele

ESL Music

With his debut on ESL Records, Gran Hotel Buenos Aires, Federico Aubele made a distinctly personal and poppy entry into the burgeoning world of Tangotronica. It was obviously the longing of an Argentine ex-pat to reconnect with the music of his homeland. The extensive touring that followed across America, in a rented motor home, helped shape the thematic sophomore release, Pan Americana, a journey through rhythm from North America to Patagonia along the fabled intercontinental, interconnection of roadways. While conceptually dramatic, the result seemed merely to broaden Aubele’s musical palette while bringing his personal sound into sharper focus. Finally, his new album, Amatoria, reveals the true Federico Aubele; a hopeless romantic – contemplative, classic, chic and enamored with the seductive and scented air that permeates bolero and tango. Ars Amatoria was a collection of three books by the Roman poet, Ovid; a handbook for lovelorn centurions. While Aubele’s new disc may provide no such practical advice, it does exude an exotic bouquet of acoustic South American rhythms, subtle electronics and his own plaintive, pop melodies. In that respect, it may be the new make-out disc you’ve been looking for.