Cloudland - Whitetree

Ponderosa Music & Art

Why is it that edible delicacies almost always imply ingesting something you would never, normally stick in your mouth? Fortunately, in music consuming a delicacy need not involve holding your nose and repressing the gag reflex. Cloudland is a first-rate delicacy for the fast food palette and gourmand alike. I call the new release by extraordinary Milan pianist, Ludovico Einaudi with Berliner percussionist, Ronald Lippok and his sound-designing brother, Robert, a delicacy because it’s rare, refined and to relish. It’s said that musicians spend the first part of their career perfecting the technical dexterity of their craft and the second trying to recapture the beautiful simplicity they left behind. Fashion designers too, well know the importance of editing. Cloudland is ten moments of delicate piano melody, subtle electronics and embraceable pulse. The ‘lighter than air’ feel complements the title but never implies fluff. It’s a mesmerizing trip forward in time where cross-pollination leads to melding of the neo-classical and electronic worlds; highly recommended for nu-music fans of Nils Petter Molvaer and his contemporaries.