Yes! - K-Os


Key words, passwords, code words; the 21st century continues to distill the English lexicon from full-length novel to short story to select quotes to triggers and commands. Its' a new reality that K-Os excels in. His follow-up to Joyful Rebellion and Atlantis: Hymns For Disco is Yes!; one word, one syllable that puts an immediate positive spin on everything that follows between the grooves. Where his previous recordings expanded on hip hop to include acoustic expressions and Antique Beat, Yes! might be best described as urban chamber music ... up-close and intimate, using choral and string samples and pushing them to the fore, like the Beatles pioneered on songs like Eleanor Rigby and Got To Get You Into My Life. But, again ... his passion for the language, his deft choice of words and the understanding of the emotional impact of each is a skill any ad agency would pay big bucks for. With song titles like Zambony, Astronaut, Fun! and I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman, who wouldn't be curious enough to listen? B-boys and girls will likely gravitate toward tracks like Zambony and 4321, the two tunes that initiated the album project. The new disc does represent a bit of a return to hippity hop 101 for K-Os. On the other hand, I'm still impressed with his departures from the form. Uptown Girl for instance, is a funky, rockin' masterpiece of pop.