Coba Coba - Novalima


There aren’t a great many world music journalists in the blogosphere. One link led to another recently and proffered a brief discussion between myself and an online colleague about our mutual affection for the Cumbancha label, and their outstanding releases to date (ain’t technology grand?). I received two of Cumbancha’s latest in one package and was again struck by the quality of the recordings, but also by the contrast between the two discs. Within My Walls, the sophomore CD from Israeli fusionist Idan Raichel is exactly as the title suggests; introspective, moody and brooding. Conversely, Coba Coba from Peru’s Novalima exudes the irrepressible joy of global rhythms that got me hooked on the genre in the first place. Once again, technology paved the way to the realization of this recording. The four founding friends were living in different parts of the world and emailed song ideas which eventually became their self-titled debut. Coba Coba, their third album expands on a formula of linking the past and future to create a bonding bubble in the present where Peruvians and the marginalized Afro-Peruvian community can joyfully share the expressions of their music-rich cultures. Coba Coba is an expression among Afro-Peruvian musicians shouted when someone takes a solo. “Go for it!” Exceptional production by Toni Economides (Nitin Sawhney, Da Lata etc.) lends phat, funky foundation to another Cumbancha classic.