Disko Partizani - Shantel & The Bucovina Club Orkestar

Crammed Discs

So often we go in search of one thing and come back with something else entirely. German sound designer, Shantel journeyed to Bucovina, a region split between the Ukraine and Romania, in search of his family’s roots. What he came back with was a brilliant idea for bringing Eastern European music to Western Europe’s night clubs. With his studio partner, Marcus Darius, Shantel started assembling a diverse cast of instrumentalists and singers from, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Israel, Austria, Germany and, even one Canadian. The eight, multi-national members became The Bucovina Club Orkestar. Underpinned with thick dance beats and topped off with Shantel’s production and DJ skills, The Bucovina Orkestar Club Nights have become notorious scenes of stage-diving, belly-dancing and general madness. Disko Partizani makes no political statements or asks any serious questions, it's simply a fun-loving fusion designed to bring the Balkan beat to the dance floor. BTW, Shantel’s search did eventually help him trace his family’s roots back to the Bucovina city of Czernovitz, which turned out to be his grandmother’s hometown.

Key Tracks: Disko Partizani