Fake No More - La Cherga

Asphalt Tango

Addressing a Reggae Symposium and Art Exhibition at the Jamaican Embassy in Washington, DC, musicologist, Dermott Hussey attests to the music’s universal nature by stating, “Jamaica gave the world a new rhythm with melodic bass lines closest to a heartbeat.” No popular music idiom has spread farther around the planet or deeper into the human soul and it appears science has a lot to do with it. La Cherga are an Austrian-based sextet of Kosovo, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Bosnia and Macedonia ex-pats who have the Balkan beat encoded in their genes. But, they have cleverly and effectively have found a way to marry Scratch Perry-style Jamaican dub with the frenetic horn-driven melodies of their heritage in a Roma wedding reception for the ages. The group harnesses the universality of the one-drop in the hope of spreading their “Post Pessimist” philosophy to the four corners. The liner notes by Garth Cartwright, author of ‘Princes Amongst Men: Journey’s With Gypsy Musicians’ read like a novella filled with allegory and good humour. Most importantly, the music on Fake No More is an absolute hoot. The band is best defined in their story’s summation, “LA CHERGA: a weapon of mass construction.”