A Town Called Addis - Dub Colossus

Real World

Paleontologists figure the oldest link to human life on this planet may be in Ethiopia. As a matter of fact the oldest established African country is home to so many ancient wonders, it's no wonder at all that it also lays claim to one of the jewels of African music. Ethiopique beats popularized during the 60s and 70s have now been introduced to 21st century technology through the loving efforts of Dub Colossus - aka Nick Page, one of the founders of the Trans-Global Underground. The original sessions for A Town Called Addis took place in an Ethiopian hut under a corrugated roof which let much of the outside ambience find its way onto the recording, sometimes too much. "A howling cat chased a rat under the roof, destroying one vocal take completely!", Page recalls. The raw tracks and some of the Ethiopian performers then made their way to Real World Studios where the ancient was bedecked in beat science finery. A Town Called Addis is the audio equivalent of an IMAX travelogue, bringing the natural wonder of Ethiopian music into sharp focus in a gigantic audio context.