Meeting Of The Minds - Eric Bobo


I love debut albums. Technically, they may not represent the artist's best work but they do reveal the breadth of his/her musical creativity. They're a more challenging listen. Often the debut covers a wide spectrum of music in the tracks (the 'throw it against the wall and see what sticks' method of defining one's sound). By album number two, the act is inevitably locked into a tighter groove in an effort to make lightning spark twice for whatever success was captured on the first effort. Meeting Of The Minds is Eric 'Bobo' Correa's debut release, though he's hardly a stranger to the recording process. He's the son of jazz percussionist, Willie Bobo and best known as a member of Cypress Hill. He's recorded with The Beastie Boys and, he's also one Urban artist who isn't afraid to sacrifice consistency for creativity. The album is a rough ride moving from conga driven chanting to full-blown rap en espanol to terrifying fits of rapcore to instrumental chills to gentle, acoustic emo. News field samples of mechanized tension (helicopters, sirens, disembodied radio voices etc.) tie together the disparate elements at least loosely. Bobo, like K-Os is an intelligent, globally-hip performer who can say a lot in a lot of different styles. Don't bet that's going to turn formulaic on future offerings. If you're up for the challenge, this is one Meeting Of The Minds that's worth your time. Key Tracks: Fiesta, Wake Up