Hollan Mauy! More Salt! - Dalla

Dalla Records

Nothing makes our spirit soar like stumbling on Celtic music from one of the 7 nations which, until now has remained quietly aloof from our grasp. My thanks to Nancy Carlin, an intrepid American promoter of global music who hooked my up for my exposure to the music of Dalla, a talented group from Cornwall. For the geographically-challenged (like myself), Dalla offers this global positioning statement at their website, www.dalla.co.uk "Cornwall is a small Celtic land (roughly the size of Luxembourg or Brunei) jutting out into the Atlantic ocean halfway between Ireland and Brittany. It is a small land with a giant history. A history with its roots firmly in Celtic culture, but also an extremely cosmopolitan history buzzing with a host of other influences, due to ancient maritime links with, and waves of emigration to and from, all parts of the world." Those influences weave throughout the fabric of this band's current release, Hollan Mauy! More Salt! Fiddle, guitar, bouzouki and accordion flavors immediately centre the material within the borders of the Celtic world, but other strong voices, like clarinet and darbuka drum cast a net to the east adding textures of Byzantine and Klezmer. Add the Carnival bluster of trumpets and trombones and a familiar Quebecois feel (a la La Bottine Souriante) becomes apparent. On the album, he group's roster seems to have swelled from the trio indicated on their website including Neil Davey (fiddle, bouzouki, vocals), Hilary Coleman (clarinet, vocals), Simon Lockley (guitars, vocals), Bec Applebee (darbuka, vocals) and Pete Kubrick-Townsend (double bass). More Salt! and pass the Cornish music, please!