Weight Of Words - The Town Pants

Savage Pants

I don't want to spread any nasty rumours but, are The Town Pants getting a little snug around the waist? It appears Vancouver's lean, mean Celtic machine has put on a little girth with the Weight Of Words. Don't get me wrong, a few extra pounds of wit, wisdom and instrumental ornamentation looks good on these girls and boys.Point of fact, I'd have to say they've never been in finer form. Brothers Duane and Dave Keogh, Aaron Chapman and Virginia Schwartz continue to build on a reputation of churning out clever, hook-laden, pub-ready sing-a-longs. Following on the heels of the Hugh McMillan (Spirit Of The West) produced Piston Baroque, Weight Of Words sees the Pants taking the knowledge they learned from that effort back into the studio for their first shot at self-production. Their creative instincts serve them well on the new disc. There's even a killer set of jigs and reels by Virginia titled, 'Diggin' The Grave' segueing neatly into our favorite, 'Mr. Valentine's Dead'. Most uncharacteristic and one of the album's biggest surprises is the 6 minute, album closing opus called 'Ships Made Of Wood' which builds into a mariachi horn and drunken chorus free-for-all with bass and drums to pad out the bottom no less. Weighty indeed but it just means there's more of them to love. Blame it on the Guinness.